Just add colour | NEW Designer Lacquers

Sven launches exciting NEW Designer Lacquer collection, a wide palette of inspiring hues for finishes that add colour to contemporary and classic commercial interior design projects.

Just add colour | NEW Designer Lacquers

Designer Lacquers: a palette of 24 contemporary colours

The arrival of autumn sees a myriad of colour changes around us. As the warmth of the sun’s glow starts to fade, leaves swap their summer greens for seasonal golds and russets, while blue skies turn pale and, more often, grey.

You too can transform the look and feel of any workplace with a dash of colour from our NEW palette of Designer Lacquer finishes. From offices to receptions, meeting rooms to breakout areas now is the time to get creative with colour to conjure up decors that foster creativity, aid productivity and make people feel right at home.

Change desktop and background

With a wide choice, our Designer Lacquers open possibilities to specify hues to complement or contrast the more neutral tones – and tempting textures – such as those found in our 3D MFC and PerfectSense Matt finish ranges.

Whether bright and bold or subtle and soft, you can now choose hues that create a commercial environment experience with the right vibe for employees and visitors alike.

Vertical side panels, modesty panels, drawer and door fronts (and even storage backs when adding accents to room dividers) can all undergo a colour transformation.

Take it to the edge

Prior to spraying, we edge the panel so that the colour covers the entire panel, giving a waterfall edge finish. 

Agile working

Targeted use of colour suits the current trend towards space planning for different workspaces designed for different types of activity – known as agile working.

Careful colouration clearly defines such areas. And, by applying the psychology of colour, sets the tone by establishing an ambiance ideal for the task in hand – be it a mellow mood or a feeling of flamboyant energy.

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