Well-working with Wazabi

Sven's new ergonomic working chair: designed for now

Work the way you want with Wazabi

Our Wazabi ergonomic working chair supports the ways we work now: not merely at a desk but automatically adjusts to working on a phone or tablet, or reclined on a video call.

Wazabi’s 3D adjustable, soft-padded armrests can be rotated in and up to support your forearms when using a mobile device. You’ll be amazed at the difference this makes!

The chair’s unique self-weighting tilt mechanism enables you to recline and hold ANY desired angle without tension, while keeping your feet comfortably flat on the floor. The back and moulded foam seat, which doesn’t lift when reclining, both independently adjust to posture.– without the need for any unsightly levers to make awkward adjustments.

Choose the super-light frame either in classic Black or contemporary White, with a fully upholstered back – to match or contrast the seat – or opt for a breathable Black mesh.

Just sit back…


Why Wazabi?

Simply, it’s Sven’s hottest new working chair that will spice up cool workspaces and the way you work.

Tilt, twist, take it easy. Watch the full-length Wazabi video:

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