NEW | Folding Console Table for home working

Commute to work just a fold away

NEW | Folding Console Table for home working

Modern take on 18th Century folding games tables, reimagined for today's trend in 'hybrid' working.

Sven’s new work@home Folding Console Table: The compact side table that transforms in moments to a desk.

Many people working from home may not have a spare room as an office or the space for a permanent desk. One option is to have a desk – or table – that folds up. But this then has to be stored somewhere. The other option is to have a permanent piece of furniture that turns into a desk when needed.

This is where the Folding Console Table comes in. A fresh, stylish and beautifully designed dual-purpose piece of furniture. With a plush palette of over 40 fabulous, fashionable finishes to choose from, the Folding Console Table’s sleek silhouette sits pride of place in any living space within the home.

Two tables in one

At 300mm deep, the Folding Console Table is slender enough to fit in a hallway, tuck away in the corner of a living or dining room, or double as a dressing table in a bedroom. A handy surface for a table lamp, ornaments, a potted plant or to display family photos and other keepsakes.

Simplicity is the key – no clicking, unscrewing – just fold out, fold in. Without the need for any tools, clips or catches, the Folding Console Table quickly and easily folds out to create a good-sized desk (1200 x 600mm). Like Superman changing from reporter to superhero, simply hinge out the side panels and fold open the top to transform this compact, space-saving side table into a practical home desk for remote working or online learning. 

To maintain the minimalist lines, opening the top reveals the gentle curve of an elegant scalloped rear edge, giving convenient cable access: large enough for a 3-pin plug to be passed through to power up a laptop for prolonged use.

We pride ourselves in using tried and tested technology – and resources – to create desirable, attractive pieces of furniture. The materials and fittings are all standard to our existing manufacturing process, so there are no problems with sourcing new elements.

Advantage in vintage

Inspired by a deep love and lifelong interest in antiques – in particular the ingenuity of folding writing desks and card tables – the Folding Console Table pays homage to vintage parlour games dating back hundreds of years. The staple of 18th Century entertainment reimagined after 200 years for pandemic torn times.

As businesses begin the process of reopening and adapting to the new mixed, ‘hybrid’ way of working, the demand for home working office furniture solutions is set to continue for years to come. The Console Table joins the Folding Desk as part of our exciting range of practical work@home range for home working, made to the same standards of quality, safety and durability. Built to last, we stand by the quality of our products with a 10-year guarantee.

For more about our range of Folding Desks – or how our other work@home solutions help create the perfect office or home working environment – simply check out our website, drop us a line or call our friendly Customer Service team on 01384 400120.