New Government Guidelines

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New Government Guidelines

Post-COVID office preparation with screens and other social distancing measures

On 7th January, the government updated its guidelines on working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19).

Here’s a link to the latest guidance relating to “Offices and contact centres”. The key text is section 3.3 on page 12.

If any employers are in any doubt about their obligations, Section 1 (page 4) spells it out:

“Failure to carry out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment and put in place sufficient control measures to manage the risk may be considered a breach of health and safety law.”

Any updates to the government guidance will be available via the links on this page.

The office of the future

COVID-19 is never going away: vaccination just reduces its impact. There seems a high probability that, even post-vaccination, office workers simply won’t be happy to work in unscreened close proximity to colleagues.

The workplace is likely to change, permanently. So employers who take action NOW to reconfigure and reimagine their office space won’t be wasting their money: they will be ahead of the game when current restrictions start to ease.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Let’s find it.