Lockdown 2: Business as usual

Manufacturing to continue uninterrupted

Lockdown 2: Business as usual

Factory, offices and showrooms remain open, and continue to observe COVID-safe rules

British manufacturing isn’t restricted under the pending lockdown, so we will continue to manufacture and ship as normal (while continuing to observe COVID-safe rules within our factory, offices and showrooms).

Early feedback from our dealers and their clients is also “no change”. We’re already all currently operating under “work at home if possible” guidance, and that hasn’t been further tightened. So people currently going in to their offices will, by and large, continue to do so.

Take work home

It seems an appropriate moment to reemphasise our wide range of desks and ergonomic chairs in our new work@home and home office furniture collections – including the top ten items available from stock, delivered direct in just three working days.

Items include HiRise height-adjustable desks for health-conscious home working; easy-store Folding Desks to pop behind the sofa or tuck under the bed; Ligni workstations that bring warm timber accents to home office interior décor; plus a range of computer desk chairs upholstered in trendy yet hardwearing fabrics or genuine leather.

Back at the office

And as more companies accept that we’re going to be living with the virus for a long time yet, there may be renewed demand for screening to render offices COVID-safe.

Now is the perfect time for businesses to put in place further social distancing measures ready for when these latest rounds of lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Download from our interactive digital brochure collection or Specifiers Guides here. Personalised versions are available on request: just email marketing@sven.co.uk.

Once again, as we pass through challenging times, Sven is here to help. Keep calm and carry on!