Home in on home working

"Full-size" office furniture that won't look out of place in your home

Home in on home working

Take work home with this exceptional range of home office furniture, perfect for remote working.

Work from home more comfortably and effectively, in a dedicated office space fitted with home office furniture from our exceptional choice of ranges and finishes: with something to complement any interior décor.

Each piece is made with care by craftsmen at our factory in the West Midlands – the heart of UK manufacturing – to the same high standards of quality, safety and durability as our commercial office furniture.

We have created an easy reference, simplified price list of furniture from our portfolio that is especially suitable for creating home offices. You can download our Home Office Specifiers Guide here.

To support our Home Office Selection and give a taste of what we can offer, we created a series of home office lifestyle images, to both inspire and guide end-user customers when planning their remote working space.

We’ve stripped back the options in our Home Office Selection, because we appreciate that too much choice can often be confusing, and actually inhibit decision making. Of course our full range of finishes and options remain available when required.


Our Home Office Selection complements our work@home range, which focusses on more compact desks (and accompanying chairs) for when a dedicated office space just isn’t possible.

For further information, drop us a line or call our Sales team on 01384 400120.