Convert Bench Desks for Social Distancing

Preparing to reopen the office? Pull apart to get back together: quickly and easily reconfigure office bench desks ready for the big 'return-to-work'.

Convert Bench Desks for Social Distancing

Keep the distance by adapting X-Range bench runs into pairs or individual desks.

As well as protective screens for enhanced social distancing measures, quickly and easily reconfigure runs of X-Range Bench Desks with our conversion kits.

Runs of double-sided X-Range bench desks can be separated into pairs, and runs of single-sided X-Range bench desks into individual desks.

In both cases the power tower supporting the junction between worksurfaces is replaced with two leg frames.

For optimum lateral stability on double bench desks, a stabilising power tower should be fitted, plus a replacement cable tray with cut-out around the tower. However, this adds significantly to the cost of the conversion, and the difference in stability is minor.

In current circumstances we feel that most clients will be perfectly happy with the conversion without the stabilising power tower: it can always be added later if deemed necessary.

Download our Bench Desk Conversion Guide today or, for further information, drop us a line or call our Sales team on 01384 400120.