We will rock you: Modern twist on a classic chair

The statement office chair taking reception areas and social spaces by storm

We will rock you: Modern twist on a classic chair

Happy Rocker: one of ten NEW products making its debut during Clerkenwell Design Week 2019

Comfortable and joyously informal, the Happy Rocker chair brings a little ‘me-time’ to the workplace and puts a smile on everyone’s face.

The modern rocker

Sit back and enjoy the soothing movement of this restful rocking chair, specifically designed for foyers, breakout and social areas.

Happy Rocker’s gentle recline enables relaxing and healthy movement, through a distinctive design realised through a combination of CNC machining and craft skills, with a structure formed entirely from sustainable timbers.

Reimagine. Reinvent. Reuse.

The main components – the frame and seat shell – are constructed from birch ply: a sustainable material that we source with either FSC or PEFC certification.

We machine the frame from sheet material in our own factory, in the UK’s manufacturing heartland of the West Midlands, and are thus able to cut small components for other products out of the central portion of the side frames that might otherwise be wasted.

The waste timber that does still result fuels a high-efficiency furnace fitted with a clean-air ceramic filter. This in turn heats our factory.

Design. Develop. Deliver.

Designed and made in Britain, the key structural and visual components are the two sides of the frame. Each is machined from a sheet of 36mm ply. This avoids the need for any joints and creates a structure with immense strength and durability.

Made using traditional techniques for lasting beauty, the radius applied to the ply makes a feature of its laminated nature. Each ply sheet is veneered before machining. While as standard the veneer facings are Light Oak, as the veneering is carried out in-house, any veneer can be provided to special order.

Classic chair, modern design twist

The visual design combines dramatic curves with the natural warmth of wood. “Open” but still substantial and reassuringly strong. Beautiful craftsmanship and intricate design details make the Happy Rocker a stunning seating choice.

Take a closer look: The radiused profile of the frame is in keeping with the curvaceousness of its form. Your hands automatically cup the circular hand rests, and their button feature links them to the buttons on the backrest – the eyes of the emoji upholstery options that inject a little gentle humour into the working day.

The ply rocking frame, faced in Light Oak veneer, can be combined with plain or hand-studded button upholstery – or opt for a seat back with a choice of emoji details: ‘smile’, ‘ooh’ or ‘zigzag’.


The importance of movement has long been accepted as vital in delivering seated comfort: it has become a given in the design and mechanisms of most working chairs. A rocking chair automatically tilts and comes to rest at the user’s centre of gravity, ergonomically positioning the body at an unstressed angle.

What Happy Rocker is designed to deliver is healthy movement in a breakout chair, with an added design twist that celebrates today’s obsession with the widespread use of Emojis to convey messages with emotional meaning.

Workplace wellbeing

Rocking chairs also have long-established cultural connotations of relaxation and reflection, and often seen as evocative of parenting as a gentle rocking motion can soothe babies and young children. Why? Rocking releases endorphins in the brain that have been known to improve mood and reduce stress.


Don’t take work home, bring home to work: Happy Rocker seeks to nourish both body and soul, with a domestically-influenced aesthetic in line with current trends in commercial interior design for ‘resimercial’ furniture that blurs the lines between home and work.

To meet this spiralling demand to instil the essence of home-styling in today’s Agile Working environments, Happy Rocker suites perfectly with other home-inspired office furniture collections in our extensive product portfolio.

For example, Ligni™ – made wholly from sustainable birch ply – has a warm, semi-domestic feel while delivering uncompromised functionality. This is realised through the combination of elegant but substantial ply legs and table/desk tops with a contemporary thin edge. The legs feature a radiused outward-facing profile. Our growing ScreenD sofa collection – which configure to create suites for foyers and breakout areas, as well as meeting booths of various sizes – also made from ply and feature matching radiused ply feet.

Also, this wide use of timber and natural patterns in furniture embraces Biophilic Design, bringing hints of nature to the workplace.

Take Happy Rocker for a test ride at our London Design Studio during Clerkenwell Design Week, or at our West Midlands factory showroom.

For more about Happy Rocker – or how our other classic and contemporary office furniture and workplace solutions can help create the perfect work environment – simply  check out our website, drop us a line or call our friendly Customer Service team on 01384 400120.