Fostering a feel for a future in furniture design

Keen to encourage up-and-coming fresh new talent, our London Design Studio team eagerly took work experience student Ollie under their wing at the end of June, as he prepares to study Product Design at Sheffield University.

Fostering a feel for a future in furniture design

Developing design dexterity through work experience

Giving him the opportunity to experience a B2B environment and use his skills with real-life design examples, here’s what Ollie did during his placement at 111 Charterhouse Street in Clerkenwell.

“During my three days at Sven’s London Design Studio, I improved my knowledge of furniture design, gained insight into how competitive this industry can be, and grasped the basics of some neat new design software.

Tasked with researching into UK office furniture manufacturers and commercial designers meant I could see what other companies offer and what makes Sven stand out from the crowd.

I also explored the many products that make up Sven’s furniture portfolio, and the different features that each range offers. My personal favourite is the Ambus range. Why? Because it shows the creativity and ingenuity of Sven’s design team: for example, Ambus tables have a unique look yet cater for different work environments, so clearly appeal to different types of businesses.

Another assignment included learning how to use Google SketchUp. Extremely useful! I had no previous experience with this 3D modelling software prior to working with Sven but, after learning the basics and designing a few simple ideas, I’ve gained enough knowledge to successfully apply it to my A-level course work.

If I had to pick what I enjoyed the most it would definitely involve AutoCAD – something I’m not familiar with – and perfecting my skills on Google SketchUp for my designs.

With the number of tasks set, I was certainly kept busy during my time with Sven. It’s been a really valuable placement and has motivated me towards a degree in furniture design so that I can pursue this career path.”

Thank you for spending time with us Ollie: we enjoyed having you around. And we wish you all the very best with your studies.