Perfect Partnership | Paragon Carpets

Sven brings collaborative working to life with an exclusive network of partners being part of the furniture at our London Design Studio.

Perfect Partnership | Paragon Carpets

Magic Carpets | Paragon’s Vapour carpet tiles in Spectre set the perfect tone for our new Ligni glass-topped table and Clarity Curve sofa

Sven welcomes BREEAM A+ rated UK carpet tile manufacturer, Paragon Carpets, to be a part of our new London Design Studio.

The Sven and Paragon relationship has blossomed over a number of years, culminating in wall-to-wall Paragon carpeting throughout the London Design Studio in Clerkenwell: an evocative space for architects, interior designers and space planners to meet with clients and discuss new approaches to workplace wellbeing and office design.

The unique interior features Paragon’s new Vapour carpet tile range as well as their market-leading lines Workspace Linear and Solaris, all working in harmony to create contemporary office furniture displays. A complete collection of over +300 colourways across Paragon’s ranges is available to view at the new London Design Studio.

Paragon said: “Offices should always be planned with the larger picture in mind and how the finished scheme will take shape. By collaborating with Sven, the full range of our designed carpet tiles can be viewed alongside high-quality British furniture design, architectural lighting and state-of-the-art audio visual products. The London Design Studio offers the perfect opportunity for designers to consider many aspects for their latest commercial projects.”

To arrange a demonstration of the full range of Paragon’s carpet tile products or discuss mood boards for meetings, get in touch with Paragon Carpets on 01709 763800 or via email. To visit the London Design Studio to see how furniture, carpet tiles and technology can be combined for sleek, stylish and functional office spaces, simply drop us a line or call our friendly Customer Service team on 01384 400120.

About Paragon Carpets: Established in 1997, Yorkshire-based Paragon Carpets – part of the National Floorcoverings Group – has become a leading British manufacturer of BREEAM A+ rated carpet tiles and is one of the fastest growing, most dynamic flooring companies in the country.