Article | The future of workplace environments

Interesting in-depth article in this month's publication from the Institute of Directors

Article |  The future of workplace environments

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The March edition of Director, the magazine for business leaders from the Institute of Directors, features an article based on The Stoddart Review: research published by the British Institute of Facilities Management.

‘The future of workplace environments’ is a thoughtful and interesting read. Both the article and the research highlight the need to improve working environments, but by taking into account the specific needs of each organisation as well as considering the preferences and input of the users themselves – rather than simply assuming that the design approach of, say, leading tech companies or creative agencies, automatically sets the concepts to aspire to.

Also interesting to note is the reduction in the percentage of people who would like to work from home looking instead for a collaborative working environment and the increase in the percentage of those who prefer a dedicated desk to “call their work home”.

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