Stand-up Routine

Health and wellbeing are no laughing matter. Alternate between sitting and standing with HiRise, our advanced new range of electric height-adjustable desks and meeting tables.

Stand-up Routine

HiRise sit-stand desks, with Concrete tops, and mesh back J1 working chairs

Hands up everyone frequently told to “sit still’ while growing up? Probably most of the population. Yet a bit of a fidget never did anyone any harm. In fact, it can be beneficial in many ways.

We don’t really need a string of studies (some going as far as to condemn sitting as the new smoking) to highlight that constantly remaining seated, whether at work or home, is generally not good for us.

Don’t just sit: stand with Sven

It’s well understood that being overly sedentary can harm our health: with inactivity leading to weight gain, cardiovascular problems, fatigue and bad posture to name just a grisly few on the list of potential medical conditions. But staying just that little bit healthier shouldn’t be hard work.

Get back in action

Although far from a High Intensity Workout, the simple act of standing not only does your back – and other muscle groups – a favour and burns a few extra calories, but is often just the energy boost you need during office hours.

There are many ways to build standing into the working day: such as get to your feet every time you pick up the phone. Walk across the office rather than send an email. Take the stairs. What can seem small adjustments in lifestyle are often all that’s needed to make a big difference, especially when it comes to giving diabetes a body swerve by keeping blood sugar levels under control.

Sit. Stand. Repeat.

Now imagine a working environment designed to make incorporating regular movement so straightforward it becomes second nature.

This is where our new HiRise range, the next generation in sit-stand desks and meeting tables, literally steps in.

Give yourself the ultimate lift by switching to an electric height-adjustable desk or meeting table that moves from a sitting to standing position – and anywhere in between – at the touch of a button. So, in the words of another often repeated parental instruction, “stand up straight”. You’ll feel better for it.

And the bottom line…

Healthier employees are undeniably good for business. But HiRise desks and meeting tables deliver another unexpected benefit.

When you sit at a desk or a table you only use a small portion of work surface: the area directly in front of you. It is rare for anyone to slide their chair left or right. By contrast, when you stand it’s easy to step from side-to-side and naturally use more of the top, giving better utilisation of expensive floor space.

For more about our HiRise collection, simply download the brochure from our website, drop us a line or call our friendly Customer Service team on 01384 400120.