Sven Finishes PDF downloads MFC (melamine) and our hand-selected, crown cut veneers are both highly durable finishes of the finest quality. Veneers are a more costly raw material than MFC and require a lengthy and skilled series of preparation and finishing processes – and therefore carry a price premium.


MFC Finishes


  • Wood grain MFC offers a realistic likeness of natural timber at an attractive cost.
  • MFC provides consistency of colour and structure and a perfect colour match between panels.
  • Suitable for all ranges (excluding Fulcrum).


      MFC Sample Card PDF Download3D MFC Finishes


  • 3D MFC features a relief imprint that recreates the physical structure of the grain and figure, synchronised with the visual appearance of the wood, creating an exceptionally realistic reproduction of natural timber.
  • Suitable for all ranges (excluding Fulcrum).

    3D MFC Sample Card PDF Download


PerfectSense Matt Finishes


  • PerfectSense features a warm velvety surface with anti-fingerprint properties that prevents unsightly smudges and smears.
  • Ideal for the Ligni and HiTable ranges, ScreenD meeting booth tables, and on storage door fronts including HiStore Lite and Lockers.


      PerfectSense Matt Sample Card PDF Download


Veneer Finishes


  • Bring greater individuality and warmth to each item of furniture. 
  • The beauty of the natural variations in hue, grain and figure make each piece unique.
  • Available on Ambus, Fulcrum and Ligni ranges.


High Gloss Lacquer Finishes


  • Create a contemporary look either alone or in combination with veneer.
  • Available on the Fulcrum ranges.


      Veneer, Lacquers & Exotic Veneers Sample Card PDF


  • With a wide colour palette, our Designer Finishes open possibilities to specify vibrant colours as an alternative to natural tones.
  • Edge colours match panel face colour, with an additional option of any standard edge colour - including faux Ply.
  • Ideal for the Ligni and HiTable ranges, ScreenD meeting booth tables, and on storage doors including HiStore Lite and Lockers.


      Designer Finishes Sample Card PDF Download



Beech MFC
Black MFC
Concrete MFC
Maple MFC
Natural Oak MFC
Natural Walnut MFC
Slate MFC
White MFC
Zebrano MFC
Zebrano Sand MFC
Zinc (Silva) MFC


Ply Edge


Black Lacquer
White Lacquer


Cherry Veneer
Light Oak Veneer
Macassar Gold Veneer
Macassar Tan Veneer
Maple Veneer
Natural Cherry Veneer
Natural Walnut Veneer
Smoked Oak Veneer
Wenge Veneer

Exotic Veneer

Birds-Eye Maple Veneer
Burr Madrona Veneer
Burr Oak Veneer
Burr Walnut Veneer

PerfectSense Matt

Designer Finishes - NEW


Also available: Chrome and Stainless Steel.

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